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There are few metals that can't be processed using lasers.  Metals can be cut, welded, heat treated or even printed using lasers. Different metals and thicknesses require different lasers.

  • Laser marking metals

    Marking Metal

    FOBA's compact and flexible fiber laser markers mark metals in a reliable, fast and efficient. Various system versions allow individual configurations that can be adapted to the respective industrial application...

    Marking Metal »

  • Machines that can cut metal

    Cuttting Metal

    TLM Laser are the UK and Ireland partner for Coherent Laser Machine Tools. These systems are fully enclosed and we can offer from 150w to 1Kw Sealed CO2 systems. These are designed for cutting fast and accurately with a low cost of ownership...

    Cuttting Metal »

  • metal engraving laser machines

    Engraving Metal

    Laser Engraving metal is the practice of using a laser to engrave an object whereas Laser Marking covers a broader category of methods to mark an object, which might include color changes, charring, foaming, melting and ablation...

    Engraving Metal »

  • welding metal with lasers

    Welding Metal

    One of the main advantages of laser welding metal is that lasers require less heat input compared with other welding processes. Lasers also produce only a small heat affected zone (HAZ) on the welded material and the distortion produced by the welding is low. These attributes, combined with very high speeds, make laser welding an obvious choice for many manufacturing businesses...

    Welding Metal »

  • heat treating metal with lasers

    Hardening Metal

    Heat treatment, unusually, isn't something that works for all metals, just iron and steel. From ancient times people have quench tempered ferous metals. With lasers this messy inacurate practice can be clean accurate and more effective. Mobile heat treatment systems such as the AL-Rock make it even more useful e.g. automotive moulds can be re-hardened in situ saving multiple days of production down time...

    Hardening Metal »

  • printing metal with lasers

    3D Printing Metals

    DMT 3D metal printing Technology belongs to most advanced generative manufacturing processes. This technology melts commercially available metal powders using high power laser and shapes complex metal structures with the aid of 3D CAD file. It is one of the latest 3D metal printing technologies and is classified according to ASTM standard in the category of "Directed Energy Deposition"....

    3D Printing Metals »

  • laser cleaning metals

    Cleaning Metals

    Metals can be cleaned with hand-held lasers. The process returns the oxide to the metal, thus cleaning without abrading; keeping surfaces both clean and in tolerance....

    Cleaning Metals »

  • laser cladding

    Cladding Metal

    Tool wear due to abrasion and corrosion are significant cost factors in production processes. What can remedy this is a thin layer of metal powder to give the workpiece higher resilience. This significantly increases the workpiece life....

    Cladding Metal »

  • laser cutting metal cut charts

    Metal Cut Charts

    Differnet grades and thicknesses of steel and other metals require different cutting speeds or more laser power. These cut charts show you how fast some Coherent lasers cut metals with varying laser powers...

    Metal Cut Charts »

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