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Laser Machines and Systems

We have a wide range of laser machines and systems for marking, engraving, fume extraction, wafer marking, welding, sorting and cutting. In addition as an alternative to laser marking where either cost or process rules out the use of lasers, we offer Dot Marking, Deep marking and scratch marking from Couth. Our systems include hardwear from BOFA, Univet, Alpha, IPG Photonics, Innolas, Richter, Insstek and LPKF:

  • Laser marking machines from FOBA

    Laser Marking

    FOBA turn-key laser marking units as manual work station or customized solutions....

    Laser Marking »

  • Industrial laser cutting machines from IPG Photonics

    Laser Cutting Machines

    IPG Fibre Laser Cutters - Laser cutting using fiber lasers gives the flexibility to cut films, brass and copper as well as Aluminium, steel and even carbon fibre....

    Laser Cutting Machines »

  • Laser welding systems from ALPHA

    Laser Welding

    Systems from ALPHA - tools that render welding work much faster and more precise....

    Laser Welding »

  • Laser welding of plastics from EVOSYS

    Laser Plastic Welding

    EVOSYS systems for laser welding of plastics in the form of modular-designed, laser-assisted production systems....

    Laser Plastic Welding »

  • laser engraved fire nozzle

    Laser Engraving

    Systems that remove material from the workpiece rather than charring, foaming or melting the surface. We supply machines from Foba and others for this process....

    Laser Engraving »

  •  laser wafer marking and sorting

    Wafer Marking

    Innolas laser systems for wafer marking sorting and inspection....

    Wafer Marking »

  • mobile laser hardening and heat treatment

    Laser Hardening

    Laser Hardening is a far more clean and efficient process than traditional methods. Robotic mobile hardening systems can dramatically reduce production down-time....

    Laser Hardening »

  • diode laser cladding

    Laser Cladding

    Lasers in combination with metal powders can be used for anything from simple surface cladding to 3D printing. ...

    Laser Cladding »

If you need more information on any of these laser machines or you would like help integrating them into your production environment, please contact us