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A Cost-Cutting Diamond Laser

250W pulsed CO2 laserUtilising Coherent’s breakthrough Diamond E250 laser, the Coherent META 2c is a compact and completely flexible laser machine delivering high value for money for a wide range of users. Incorporating the advanced features of the META platform the META 2c is a pulsed, sealed laser that delivers the processing capabilities of a laser twice its size. It is also highly efficient, providing lower maintenance and operating costs.

250W pulsed CO2 laser

The heart of the machine, the Diamond E250 laser, is a 250W pulsed CO2 laser that has a fast rise time, high peak power pulse (peak power typically 3x above average) and excellent beam quality for high quality clean cutting. The laser’s high peak power and square pulse allows it to quickly vaporise material, producing a clean narrow cut in the minimum amount of time.

For users looking for a space-saving laser combined with low operating costs, ease of use and processing flexibility, the Coherent META 2c is an extremely attractive solution. The system is designed to switch rapidly between different job types without lengthy downtime for set up. It also supports low volume runs ranging from single units to runs of over 1000.

High performance versatility

Few if any competitive designs are a match for the META 2c. With its excellent mode quality and proprietary power control, the META 2c can cut fine details in a wide variety of materials at twice the speed of any competition not powered by the Diamond laser. The system delivers faster cutting speeds and better positioning repeatedly.

Key features include:

  • 1.22m x 1.22m (48” x 48”) Cutting Bed
  • 300mm (12”) Vertical Travel
  • High-speed flying optic design
  • Honeycomb material support platform
  • Integrated material processing database
  • Multi-process capability
  • Easy access, gull-wing Design
  • Auto-focus system with a crash sensor cutting head
  • Ethernet-ready work station with touch-screen panel
  • Enclosed, protected beam path with purge
  • High precision and reliable linear encoder position feedback on all axis
  • Closed loop, brushless servo motors
  • Interlocked Class 1 safety enclosure
  • Computer controlled assist gas regulator
  • High peak power, low maintenance, sealed CO2 Laser with fast rise time and excellent beam quality

Made for the multi-material user

The Coherent META 2c delivers precision cutting though a wide range of materials including metals, plastics and acrylics. It is particularly suitable for cutting organic materials such as leather, textiles, wood and rubber, production ready to cut 20mm (0.78in).

Such flexibility has made the META 2c a popular choice in prototyping laboratories, both commercial and academic. The system enables developers to move from concept to construction with minimum time and expense. It’s particularly useful in aiding the development of mechanically complex systems. These often require numerous prototype cycles in order to refine a design. This can become both time consuming and cost prohibitive, especially when outside fabrication resources are involved.

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