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Making its Mark in Aerospace

Compact and with 100W of power, the FOBA Y.1000 high performance fiber laser marker is custom-made for the fast and precise laser marking and engraving of aerospace components. The marks made by this laser are particularly robust, ensuring legibility throughout the entire product life cycle. Reliable part traceability and protection against product forgery is virtually guaranteed.

Even high wear components

The FOBA Y.1000’s high performance means that high wear products can be marked with confidence. Robust marks can be applied to engine components, ball bearings, brake systems and extruded products and cables to ensure abrasion-proof legibility.

Aerospace component marking - ejector pin

Up to 40% faster

The FOBA Y.1000 system operates at up to 40% faster than standard 50 watt lasers. Its extra power also allows it to mark substrates that are usually difficult to mark with other lasers.

To meet different speed and contrast specifications for customised applications, four focal widths are available, allowing for adjustments to marking field dimensions as well as marking speeds.

Productivity with flexibility

Highly efficient marking with maximum throughput are key to the FOBA Y.1000’s performance.

Even with on-the-fly marking (marking moving products on continuous processing lines), it is possible to obtain marking field dimensions of up to 498 x 367mm. This large marking field also allows for fast and effortless marking on large components or for applying multiple marks on one product or workpiece.

A unique, variable scan head tuning is available in two speeds – high quality or high speed. This delivers sharp marking results at line speeds of up to 600 m/minute.

The laser beam can be positioned in two angles, 90° top down or 0° straight forward, simplifying integration. Integration is made easier still through the system’s compatibility with various interfaces including Ethernet, RS-323, Profibus, Profinet and TCP/IP. The FOBA Y.1000 comes with MarkUS 2.12 software making it easier to set up software configuration for production line integration.

Minimal laser maintenance

The system is air-cooled. Compared to the extended maintenance requirements of water-cooled systems, hardly any laser source maintenance is required. The laser source lifespan is significantly longer too compared to other high power Nd:YAG lasers with lamps or diodes that require regular replacement. As a result, downtime due to such replacement is effectively as good as gone.

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