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Laser Plastic Welding – Try Before You Buy.

There are several ways of joining plastic together. These include drilling and screwing plastic parts together, using glue or applying more advanced technologies such as ultrasound or hot plate welding.

All of these methods come with a range of disadvantages. Whereas by using laser plastic welding as a means of joining plastics together it’s hard to think of a single downside, in results and in operation.

Whatever the join

Laser plastic welding is completely flexible – it’s suitable for virtually any plastic joining need, no matter how simple or complex, no matter how large or small.

The process’s electrical consumption is infinitesimal, there’s no need for tool replacements or any consumables and there are no set-up costs.

Laser plastic welding is also 100% repeatable giving exceptional quality with absolutely minimal scrappage.

If there is a downside, then that lies with the system’s initial capital cost.

Laser plastic welding

Is it right for you?

Nobody wants to buy a piece of capital equipment and then find out that it’s not the answer they are looking for.

To allow potential users to check out whether a laser plastic welding system is right for their production requirements, out product partners, Evosys, offer what is the equivalent of a “job shop” service.

Evosys is an award winning,  specialised developer and manufacturer of tailor-made systems for laser welding plastics.

From its in-house production facilities, the company offers a range of services including pattern welding, process development and material testing.

The service is there for small or large runs.

Whether you are a laser plastic welding system user or not, it’s an ideal way of producing sample parts or prototypes, allowing you to test viability prior to an open market launch.

Access to experts

The Evosys “job shop” service is fast and flexible and aims to deliver the very highest quality.

Using the service, you’ll benefit from decades of laser plastic welding experience from a recognised innovator in the field. If you’re thinking of investing in a laser plastic welding system, this is a great way of testing the water, trying before buying such a system.

For further details of this service that allows you to check out for sure whether laser plastic welding works for you, please contact