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Laser Maintenance

Planned Maintenance

All too often we have heard customers groan when we talk about service contracts, sometimes the perception is “the guy comes in once a year, dusts the system off and charges us a fortune”. Our approach is different.

We use planned maintenance as a way of plotting degradation in the system and looking for items that may fail at a future point in time. We then make recommendations on those findings to enable parts to be replaced at the next PM. Therefore avoiding unexpected breakdowns and effectively making your breakdowns a planned breakdown.

Laser maintenance

System Security

Systems seem to always go wrong at the most inappropriate time, normally because the system is getting heavy use a specific example would be at end of month, when you’re trying to get that important product out the door to your customer and invoiced. How great would it be to have the piece of mind that your system “just runs” with the security that if you do have an issue it wont take long to get it fixed!

PM Contracts

As well as providing emergency call out cover, we also offer PM contracts to ensure you not only enjoy a preferential discounted rate, but also that you can have complete peace of mind.

We provide laser maintenance on the brands that we sell such as Alpha, ULS, FOBA, 4Jet, etc, but with around 150 years combined laser service experience there are not many systems we haven’t worked on including:

  • GSI
  • Lumonics
  • Spectron
  • Laser Applications
  • Control
  • Holobeam
  • Chicago
  • Rofin
  • OR
  • Coherent
  • Lee Laser
  • GCC
  • Trotec
  • Epilog

We can customise a PM contact to best suit your needs, whether you require only one or multiple PM visits throughout the year. We can also incorporate emergency call out cover within your contract so you don't have to worry about valuable time lost raising purchase orders to request an engineer.

Simply pick up the phone and you will instantly become top priority and the next available engineer will be with you ASAP.

Regular PMs will allow us to keep a close watch on any future problems that you may encounter and keep down-time to a minimum.

For more information email or call us on +44 (0) 1527 959 099.