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Lasers can be used for cutting and marking a range of organic materials including wood, paper, leather, stone, textiles and fabrics. Organic textiles suitable for laser cutting include linen, cotton and silk.

cutting organicsWood

Lasers are well suited for engraving and cutting wood and timber including plywood, MDF and balsawood. Toys, souvenirs, decorations, gifts, architectural models and wood inlays are all regularly cut with a laser.


Laser engraving on stone can provide some great design options and even detailed photographs and graphics can be created.

Paper & Cardboard

Laser cutting paper and cardboard is a quick and easy way to process paper, paperboard and cardboard for printing and packaging, model making or scrapbooking.


Leather is a versatile material suitable for engraving, etching and cutting. Products often produced include wallets, briefcases, bracelets, belts or shoes and folders where personalised engraving can provide a touch of elegance.


Rubber engraving with a laser is easy and fast allowing the production of rubber stamps with text, logos and even pictures.

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