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Make Your Laser Marking Replacement a Process Enhancement

It goes without saying that laser technology has advanced in leaps and bounds over the last few years. These advances provide real benefits to both the manufacturing process and to industrial productivity.

However, you’ll miss out on all of these advantages if you simply replace the laser that’s at the end of its working life with more of the same.

Repeating the Same Mistakes

There is something to be said for “better the devil you know”. But if that means continuing to endure high scrappage rates and suffer the risk of misidentification with the attendant costs of rectification then the “devil” is best discarded for good. Especially if the technology involved provides no protection against human error.

With its Intelligent Mark Positioning (IMP) high speed camera system, our product partners FOBA have always been at the forefront of precise, reliable laser marking.

Laser marking medical equipment

IMP allows work pieces and their positions to be automatically detected and the laser marking or engraving aligned accordingly. The end results are premium quality markings and a measurable reduction in the number of defective products.

With the advent of Mosaic, FOBA have taken this technology and its advantages several steps forward.

A Part Marking Revolution

With Mosaic, operators can place a part to be laser marked in any orientation within the marking field. There’s no need for a fixture to hold the part in place, making an instant production cost saving.

Based on FOBA’s IMP technology, Mosaic detects work pieces through a camera which captures multiple small images. The system then stitches together these small images (tiles) to form one big picture covering the entire marking area – just like a mosaic! The part can be simply placed loosely in the marking field without any fixture. Mosaic will then ensure the part is aligned and marked perfectly.

In addition to saving on fixture costs, Mosaic makes time and cost savings in terms of reducing set-up and process operations and, of course, in reducing scrap.

If your old laser is coming to the ends of its useful working life replacing like with like and ignoring the benefits of new technology could cost you £1000s in the long run.

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