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Dot Peen - A Lower Cost Marking Option

Low value items that require traceability need to be marked. However, the cost of investing in a sophisticated laser marker to carry out a relatively simple task may be hard to swallow. If the part concerned is not necessarily of low value but large and cumbersome instead, then a laser may not be the solution anyway.


Our product partners, Richter, offer a laser alternative – MarkingMaster. For under £2000, this dot peen marking system provides an easy, fast and flexible solution for marking and inscribing hard materials and compounds including metals and plastics.

Dot peen marking

High Throughput Capability

The Richter MarkingMaster has a marking window of 80 x 50mm and a fast operating mode of 30mm/s with 0.02mm repeatable accuracy. The basic model has a pneumatic marking head with a 2-Axes stepper motor drive controller integrated in the case. Options and additional accessories include an electric dot peen marking head for quieter operation, a stand with height extension and a rotator to mark cylindrical parts on the circumference. The MarkingMaster can operate as a stand-alone machine or can be easily integrated into an existing production line.

Windows PC Connection

The MarkingMaster comes with a USB-interface for PC connection and Windows standard software for easy set-up of marking layouts. The software supports free-scaling of character height and width, a range of fonts and typefaces and graphics and logos.

Additional features include a DataMatrix Code, a Counter and variable functions e.g. date as well as the reading of text files and DXF and DWG graphics. It also controls the rotator if that option has been chosen.

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