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Laser Servicing for Schools and Universities

With the squeeze on school budgets, TLM can provide special rates on school laser servicing costs.

TLM Laser has many years’ experience of supplying and maintaining laser machines in the school sector. Through this experience, we can see that regular servicing of their lasers is not a priority in most schools. Yet to maintain the lasers’ working efficiency and extend laser life, servicing is an absolute essential.

Lasers in schools

A 'Cash Cow'?

There are several reasons for schools’ reluctance to have their lasers serviced regularly. For a start, many schools have invested in their lasers on the basis of a low purchase price rather than looking two or three years down the line at the overall costs involved. So there is no extra money to cover necessary maintenance.

Another reason is the actual cost of servicing. Many manufacturers and associated maintenance providers do see schools as a form of ‘cash cow’ and price their services accordingly. With tight budgets, some schools can find it hard to afford these sorts of prices.

Then there is the ignorance factor. Surprisingly, schools, like many other laser users, are simply unaware of the need to service their lasers regularly.

Affordable Servicing

TLM see schools as an investment in the future. Some of the pupils of today will be the owners and operators of the lasers of tomorrow. For that reason, we want them to have a positive attitude to the lasers they use. Not one clouded by equipment failure or unwanted downtime. That’s why we offer preferential rates to schools on regular servicing – usually once a year depending on usage. 

For those under contract, our fixed price rate for schools starts at £200. We can also supply replacement systems at special school rates and replace extractor filters. We don’t carry out LEV testing of the extractor but we can arrange this if asked.

Throughout the UK

TLM engineers are located throughout the UK so our mileage costs are reduced. Where schools have more than one laser, the more lasers they have the lower the unit cost on servicing. As an example of the savings your school can make, we recently carried out a service visit at a school where our price was 3x cheaper than that quoted by the competition!!

If you are interested in saving your school money on its laser servicing, please contact us for a quote. We can probably also save you more money on your laser machines’ consumables. Again please contact us at

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