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The Pros (and Cons) of Laser Welding

More precise, faster and user friendly, that’s laser welding. In addition, with a small spot size that minimises the heat affected zone, there is exceptional low workpiece distortion plus high mechanical strength in the weld seam.

Of course, all these advantages come at a price. One of the negatives of laser welding is the high initial investment required to purchase your system.

Return on your investment

Our product partners, Alpha Laser, specialise in the development and manufacture of laser welding systems. The company prides itself on incorporating the latest laser technology with the highest standards of engineering – reliability is built in to every development and production step.

Laser welding machine

In a nutshell, Alpha Laser welding systems are built to last, providing you with a solid ROI every working day.

What about a dedicated area?

Another perceived downside of laser welding is the need for a dedicated laser area. Alpha Laser offers a range of options including enclosed and open laser welding systems that negate the need for any such space.

In fact, with Alpha Laser’s mobile laser systems, the laser goes to the workpiece. This saves on space but more important, it eliminates the time and effort involved in moving heavy and cumbersome components and parts.

Mobile lasers such as the AL-Flak are available with highly manoeuvrable caterpillar tracks and are ideal for repairs to large machines and injection moulding tools and dies.

Another option is Alpha Laser’s new AL-ARM handheld welding system. This is a long wanted solution to welded automation industry doors and panels that need reworking. Incorporating a 450W fiber laser linked to a stereo camera, the system shows the operator the surroundings and welding task simultaneously through 3D laser goggles. All the operator has to do is steer the laser over the weld.

Win, win

To the benefits of precision, speed, ease of use and low distortion, laser welding also offers slim seam geometry, smooth oxide-free surfaces, consistent product quality and a wider choice of materials capable of being welded.

If you think that the pros of laser welding outweigh the cons, please contact for more details of the Alpha Laser range of mobile, enclosed and open laser welding systems.