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Laser Paint Stripping

In many industries it is common practice for surfaces to be coated with powder coatings or a cathodic dip (CDC). Paints provide great durability and anti-corrosion properties essential in the manufacturing of cars or other surfaces facing outside climate conditions.

However, some areas of a coated part may need to be free of any coating to provide a good welding surface, a tight mechanical fit or a blank metal surface for electrical connections. 

A common practice to avoid coatings on bonding interfaces is to mask these areas before coating and remove the masking after the coating process. This is a huge waste of time and resources, as well as being difficult to automate and environmentally questionable.

Laser paint stripping systems allows the coating of parts without masking by selectively removing coatings on the bonding interfaces.

Laser paint stripping

Maskless laser de-coating advantages include:

  • simple and easier blanket coating without the need of masking
  • the elimination of the whole manual masking then demasking operation
  • a consumable free process without tapes or films
  • enhanced bonding performance

Typical laser paint removal application examples:

  • welding preparation in manufacturing of EV battery trays
  • de-coating bearing bushes in wheel manufacturing
  • ground connection terminals for cabinets or household goods

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