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Laser Welding

The laser welding of metals and plastics has become a part of many manufacturing processes over the past 20 years as it is often cleaner, safer, more accurate and more repeatable than other more traditional welding methods.

  • laser welding metal

    Laser Welding Metals

    Laser welding has become a part of many manufacturing processes over the past 20 years in industries as diverse as jewlery making and ship building. One of the main advantages of laser welding metal is that lasers require less heat input compared with other welding processes. Lasers also produce only a small heat affected zone (HAZ) on the welded material and the distortion produced by the welding is low. These attributes, combined with very high speeds, make laser welding an obvious choice for many manufacturing businesses....

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  • laser heat treating metals for hardening

    Laser Hardening Metals

    Any type of ferrous metal such as steel or cast iron which could be hardened by traditional methods like flame or induction hardening, can be hardened with a Laser. Hardening with a laser is more versatile than flame hardening or induction hardening. Heat treating and hardening a surface with a laser is simple. Point the laser, heat the surface and let it cool. HighLight D-Series laser technology is ideal for performing laser-transformation hardening in a manufacturing environment because of the: superior heat treat characteristics, flexibility of the process, compatibility with a lean manufacturing environment, fast cycle time for processing the parts....

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