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Laser Marking

Laser marking has a wide range of applications in industry, especially in the manufacturing of medical equipment, aerospace components and auto industry parts where traceability is one of the essential requirements.

  • day night marking automotive industry

    Automotive Marking

    The application of day-night marking can be seen in just about all modern vehicles, making controls easy to read during the day, while at night they are illuminated. There are hundreds of laser marked parts in every car and as virtually any material can be laser marked there is normally a solution for every requirement. ...

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  • laser marking for the aerospace industry

    Laser Marking Aerospace Components

    TLM Laser offer a wide range of system solutions for virtually every aerospace component marking application, metal or plastic. FOBA fibre, Nd: YAG or CO2 lasers are among the fastest in their respective classes. The products are flexible, simple to integrate and renowned for their reliability and low maintenance....

    Laser Marking Aerospace Components »

  • marking and sorting semiconductor wafers with lasers

    Semiconductor wafer Marking

    Our engineers are respected worldwide and among the best in the business within the semiconductor industry. With a wealth of experience accumulated over a number of years on laser marking systems and can offer service, maintenance call outs and spare parts....

    Semiconductor wafer Marking »

  • laser marking foil packaging

    Package Marking

    As suppliers of Alltec-FOBA products, TLM Laser offer a wide range of system solutions for virtually every packaging marking application. Consumer packages made from metals, plastics and composite materials should be marked with identification marking for the recovery of packaging waste...

    Package Marking »

  • laser marking metal tools and moulds

    Tools & Metal Marking

    There is virtually no demanding parts marking nor unique identification coding application that is not possible with our marking lasers. Apart from plates, tubes, profiles and gears, our laser markers also mark engine parts, a variety of instruments and industrial tools, and hard-to-mark materials fully automatically with permanent and high-quality markings....

    Tools & Metal Marking »

  • Foma laser marking and engraving systems

    Laser Marking Machines

    We offer stand-alone laser class 1 turn-key laser marking machines as manual work station or customized solutions. For example FOBA M-Series workstations can be employed in a variety of industrial applications and whether it is metal, plastic or other laser markable materials it is perfect for the automobile or medical technology applications....

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  • semiconductor wafer marking and sorting

    Wafer Marking Machines

    Thanks to many years of technological cooperation with its customers in wafer marking and sorting processes along with the practical experience gained from the setup and implementation of almost 1000 systems, TLM Laser is the Distribution partner for InnoLas’ market leading Semiconductor products....

    Wafer Marking Machines »

  • laser marking for the automotive industry

    Contract Laser Marking

    Our laser marking system can easily mark materials such as aluminium, silicon, stainless steel, titanium, carbide and some plastics. Your application will be saved on hard disk on the laser system making it simple to call up your job requirements whenever required....

    Contract Laser Marking »

  • IMP Intelligent Mark Positioning

    Intelligent Mark Positioning

    The patented IMP, Intelligent Mark Positioning offers a unique means of improving laser marking and engraving processes through mark verification and alignment. This un-paralleled integrated system results in superior marking precision with “through-the-lens vision“...

    Intelligent Mark Positioning »

  • Automotive Marking

    Laser Marking for Industry

    At TLM we know that standardized marking solutions are as important as individual ones or solutions for single industries. As we supply the full range of industrial laser marking and coding systems offering a wide range of speed and integration options, we can easily serve all these needs....

    Laser Marking for Industry »

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