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The Joy of Welding Control

Alpha Laser’s Intuitive Joystick

Accurate and easy to use

Alpha Laser joystick

A joystick is a particularly useful means of control in laser welding and is an ideal means of creating a one-off product or making a component repair.

However, much depends on both the operator and the responsiveness of the joystick as to how successful the finished result.  The operator’s experience and skill and their level of hand to eye coordination are obviously crucial to the precision of the welding process. But all of this can count for nothing if the joystick is unable to match the hand’s movement accurately.

Replicating an x or y axis is not the problem. Accuracy and precision issues occur when both axis are required, for example, on a curve or a circle, and interpolation is involved.

Answering the Interpolation Issue

C&C software can provide a solution by taking control out of the operator’s hands. The downside is in programming the software which is often time consuming. This is an acceptable cost for a production run of 100s but not for a single prototype or repair.

Intuitive Joystick

One laser machine manufacturer has managed to circumvent the joystick interpolation conundrum. Alpha Laser’s systems incorporate an intuitive joystick. This delivers that critical control over the x and y axis and is easier to use. It still requires operator skill but through its high responsiveness will match the welder’s commands.

Alpha Laser is the leader in mobile laser welding. Mobile lasers are ideal for carrying out repairs and other welding and hardening jobs on site and with Alpha Laser’s intuitive joystick, these can be carried out effectively and accurately.

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