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Refill service on DC CO<sub>2</sub> tubes available

TLM are pleased to announce that we can now offer a refill service on Chinese glass DC CO2 tubes from 20-140 watt for £500.00+VAT per tube. This price applies to a straight forward refill and does not include any optical work. However we would examine the tube on receipt and If deemed recoverable it will also come with a 6 month warranty (subject to terms and conditions). So when this is compared to replacement costs, VAT, duty and shipping costs added to the tube being shipped from the far east. Along with the risk of a dead on arrival or damaged tube which we here about all too often it makes economic sense to have it repaired in the UK. Turnaround typically is 10 working days. All repairs are carried out by skilled UK technicians and we can also offer replacement tubes for replacement or upgrade to higher powers. Unless you are global company then dealing with the far east when you have a problem can be frustrating or difficult, therefore local support has to give a massive advantage and enable you to have a much higher percentage of uptime on your equipment. This will of course equate to better profitability. Call TLM for further details.