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Open Laser Systems

Laser systems with enclosures giving you the flexiblity to weld items outside an enclosure. Varying machine models and laser powers mean that Alpha laser will have the right laser for your task.

  • Laser welding system

    AL-IN Laser Welding System

    The entry level laser welding system with expert level laser welding results: Powerful - Affordable - Robust...

    AL-IN Laser Welding System »

  • AL Series laser welding machines

    AL series

    AL series lasers applications. For repairing tools and molds: manufacture of medical-technical components & sensors: precision technology: sheet metal processing....

    AL series »

  • AL-SWS The multifunctional laser workstation

    AL SWS

    Five quick change tables for Contact welding, Circular welding, Micro welding, Cutting and Sheath welding under mechanical pressure make the AL-SWS very flexible....

    AL SWS »

  • Laser welding systems ALM 200 and ALM 250

    ALM 200 & ALM 250

    Suitable for joining and deposit-welding on moulds, chassis and mechanical parts of any size, particularly for big moulds...

    ALM 200 & ALM 250 »

  • ALT-Basis-laser welding platform

    AL-T Basic

    Built to be used for small batch and one off processing without the need for CAD integration but with great flexibility....

    AL-T Basic »

  • The al-t 500 laser welding machine

    AL-T 500

    Using the AL-T 500 welding components large or small can be carried out by joystick, in semi-automatic mode, or fully automated using WINLaserNC Software...

    AL-T 500 »

  • Laser welding ALFLAK System


    Flexible Laser for deposit and contour welding. Operated either manually or is programmable, with a slim line arm making it ideal for difficult molds. A long axis range allows for seams of up to 500m to be completed without interruption. Available with or without caterpillar track, incredible maneuverability, yet still strong and robust....

    ALFLak »

  • an ergonomic laser system which can be driven easily and fast to the work pieces and this with millimeter accuracy

    ALFlak Max

    With a long arm of about 2,8 meters, the AL Flak Max gives you an increase movement area and more flexibility for your welding and contour overlays....

    ALFlak Max »

  • Laser welding systems ALFlak

    ALFlak fiber

    A mobile laser and repair welder with an extended reach and large travelling range allowing deeper and more complex shapes. Available in both a self propelled caterpillar tracked model or moved manually.......

    ALFlak fiber »

  • Laser welding systems ALMicro


    A simple and inexpensive laser system, particularly for wherever filigree components are to be welded....

    ALmicro »

  • The AL- ROCK is the world’s first mobile robot for targeted laser hardening of metal surfaces.


    The mobile AL-ROCK laser robot is the ideal tool for targeted partial hardening of metallic surfaces; for example, on cutting edges or bend radii of heavy casting molds. ...

    AL-Rock »

  • laser welder

    AL-IN 150 & AL-IN 200

    A laser welding machine with movement system as set, the AL-IN is available with the Nd: YAG laser sources 150 W or 200 W....

    AL-IN 150 & AL-IN 200 »