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Intelligent Mark Positioning

What is IMP?

IMP (Intelling Mark Positioning) is an optional vision package for a certain range of FOBA laser systems. This vision package contains of a camera and an own vision software, which is seamlessly integrated into the standard FOBA laser software MarkUS. So no extra separate software for IMP.

How do you benefit from IMP?

It will mark the right parts and mark the parts right.

To help you achieve this, IMP has various features:

  • Premark verification => checks if the right parts is on the table => checks if the part is already marked
  • Mark alignment => aligns the mark automatically to the parts (X,Y, and rotation)
  • Postmark verification
    • checks if the mark is in the right position (X, Y, and rotation)
    • checks if the mark content is complete, legible and matches the content to be marked (OCV = optical character verification).
  • In addition to this, the IMP package contains all Point & Shoot features.
  • Point and shoot through camera mark positioning

    Point & Shoot

    Point & Shoot is a more manual process than IMP. The operator places the object to be marked below the camera and then aligns the mark to the workpiece. So when the laser has done it's marking you will be left with the same image you saw before it started....

    Point & Shoot »

  • How Intelligent Mark Positioning works

    How Intelligent Mark Positioning (IMP) Works

    Real world details of the principle, operating, preparation, function and maintenance of an Intelligent Mark Positioning system....

    How Intelligent Mark Positioning (IMP) Works »

  • IMP Applications

    IMP Examples

    Actual examples of parts that have been manufactured using the IMP Mark Positioning system....

    IMP Examples »

  • IMP focused on precision

    HELP Vision alignement

    HELP the broadest part marking workflow solution on the market. HELP combines the use of FOBAs vision systems (IMP and Point & Shoot) and MOSAIC™ in a unique fixtureless workflow that includes part and mark validation prior to and right after marking.. Closed-loop mark process supporting customers' process, ...

    HELP Vision alignement »

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