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CO2 Laser Tubes with 5 Years Peace of Mind

There are a lot of cheap CO2 tubes out there.

The trouble is that with lasers, cheap is not always cheerful. The new breed of cut-price tubes has a reputation for low life expectancy. Most will fail within a year and we have heard that with some of the ‘cheapest of the cheap’ ones, you’re lucky if they last more than a few hours! Most of these low cost tubes are manufactured in the Far East and shipped over. Made of glass, many are damaged in transit, with some users ordering two at a time as a form of insurance!!

So what looks like a cost-saving on paper soon starts to hit the bottom line – in downtime and in a constant stream of replacement tubes.

A Long Term Cost-Saving Alternative

CO2 Laser tubes

For those who look to the near future and beyond, TLM Laser has devised a money-saving solution. We are offering UK designed and built CO2 tubes with a 5 year warranty.

Should low gas become a problem over this period, we will refill your tube for free. Optically, this warranty is limited to 14 months and the same applies to the Power Supply Unit (PSU). Of course, if the glass tube is broken or fractured during use by anything other than a manufacturing defect, there is zero cover. Should there be a product defect, the return costs in shipping are the responsibility of the customer.

How Much Could You Save?

If you’ve suffered from cheap tube reliability problems or want to avoid expensive and unnecessary downtime before it happens, check out our CO2 tube prices. By offering such a long term warranty, you can be sure we are confident our tubes are designed and built to give you a very long and productive life.

Our 5 Year Warranty CO2 tube range:

30W - £1270.00+VAT and delivery

40W - £1300.00+VAT and delivery

60W - £1330.00 +VAT and delivery

80W - £1400.00+VAT and delivery

100W - £1460.00+VAT and delivery

125W - £1600.00+VAT and delivery

For Power Supply Unit (PSU) prices please contact us at or call +44 (0) 1527 959 099 for details and costs.