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Laser Safety Enclosures and Chambers

Laser chamber logoA laser safety enclosure or chamber that we at TLM Laser manufacture on site out of modular material. Constructed to confirm to all relevant standards, interlocks and e stops, etc, these would be used for class 4 lasers cleaning or welding operations where the operator is required inside the room.

We can also certify the ventilation and extraction on the rooms as well - so this is a full turnkey enclosure.

Laser safety enclosure design

As all our laser safety enclosures are modular they can be built with up-and-over roller doors, slide doors, standard doors and powered doors as well as other options such as:

  • built-in CCTV
  • digital entry systems
  • laser safe windows
  • full interlock and e-stop systems

These are all built, tested and certified to international laser safety standards (IEC 60825-4 Safety of Laser Products Part 4 – Laser Guards). Our enclosures are also HSG 258 compliant, to BOHS requirements for LEV enclosure - a legal requirement which many other equivalent products on the market do not comply to. 

Our enclosure is fully HSG258 compliant for the removal of fumes, emissions, from status monitoring to stack requirements, design, tested and certified by BOHS trained technicians. 

If you need more information on our laser safety enclosures please contact us.