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Faster Tool and Die Cleaning by Laser

4JET is another new TLM product partner. 4JET provides a range of laser surface cleaning and coating removal solutions. The company specialises in the automotive sector with tyre makers a particular focus in terms of the company’s laser tyre marking and tyre inner liner laser cleaning products.

4JET has recently developed JETLASER, a handheld industrial laser cleaner designed for a large number of applications. These include automotive parts laser cleaning, laser paint stripping and coating removal and laser tool and die mould cleaning.

Touchless Precision Cleaning

4Jet laser cleaning

The JETLASER is ergonomically designed for handheld use but can also be integrated with a robot for automated processing. Lightweight, the JETLASER is powered by fiber-coupled, maintenance-free solid state lasers and is connected to a rugged mobile supply unit.

Cleaning with the JETLASER is an ecological and dry process and is chemical-free. It is ideal for:

  • Rubber, plastics, food and composite mould cleaning
  • Rust/oxide removal of metals before or after welding
  • KTL paint removal to eliminate masking processes
  • Devarnishing
  • Surface preparation before coating or bonding operations

Super-fast Laser Cleaning

The JETLASER is available in power levels ranging from 100W to 2kW average laser power.

Using a 200W system, moulds can be cleaned at 4-5cm²/sec; paint removal at 5-7cm²/sec; rust removal at 8-10cm²/sec.

To put the speed of JETLASER into perspective, one of our customers tasked one of their apprentices to clean a mould using a well-known brand of industrial abrasive. The process took 4 weeks.

That same mould has recently been cleaned again using a JETMASTER system. The process took all of 25 minutes.

See a video of JETMASTER in action.

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