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3D Metal Printing Case Studies

3D Printers that print metal may seem expensive, however, if you consider the man and production hours, the retooling and re-jigging costs that you save with a pure CAD/CAM system, the costs come into sharp perspective. Below are a couple of case studies from our partners InssTek that highlight the advantages of Laser 3D Metal Printing.

  • Printing Cylinder Heads

    Cylinder Head Case Study

    TLM Laser’s product partner, InssTek, was asked by a global carmaker to participate in a project to increase productivity in cylinder head manufacturing. The strategy was to increase the service life of the moulds and improve the surface quality of the castings, so reducing scrap....

    Cylinder Head Case Study »

  • Coating artificial hip cups

    Artificial Hip Case Study

    The traditional processes used to apply this coating include sintering and plasma spraying. However, in a recent comparative study carried out on acetabular cups, direct metal transfer (DMT) 3D metal printing technology was shown to provide a number of significant benefits in terms of strength and porosity....

    Artificial Hip Case Study »

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