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Laser Cleaning & Rust Removal

Fast Industrial Laser Cleaning from 4JET

Cleaning with a laser is precise and with high repeatability. The dry and touchless process does not damage the underlying substrate and eliminates the use of hazardous and expensive consumables such as chemicals or blasting media.

Laser Rust Removal

Removing rust with a laser is a far better alternative to many conventional cleaning techniques. Laser rust removal is non-abrasive to the surface, environmentally friendly, cost-effective and highly flexible if a portable system is used, such as the JETLASER series of flexible, handheld laser cleaning machines.

Laser Paint Removal

Removing paint and preparing surfaces with a laser offers numerous advantages. Lasers work dry, are precise and deliver consistently good results. There is no damage to the substrate, improving lifespan and appearance - often at a lower cost.

Tyre Manufacturing

Fast laser cleaning for tire makers and automotive OEMs with solutions for surface cleaning, coating removal and part marking in the tire production industry. 4Jet systems provide non-abrasive mould cleaning, permanent tire marking and other laser cleaning applications.

4JET turnkey laser cleaning systems provide integrated material handling, optimal laser source and the associated laser process for the desired applications. 

Laser Cleaning

Laser cleaning with JETLASER provides tire manufacturers with unique advantages:

  • damage-free removal of surface coatings
  • dry process without hazardous chemicals
  • rugged, compact award winning design
  • designed for harsh operating environments

Benefit from our years of experience in bringing laser cleaning technology to tire factories worldwide.

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    JETLASER Flexible laser cleaning system

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    JetLaser M100

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    SCANYWHERE is a powerful software engine that enables users to create integrated processing for scan head operation, robot motion and laser source controls - with just a few mouse clicks....


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