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Cutting Day-Night Marking Costs

Until now, pump diode lasers have been the laser systems of choice in day-night marking applications. These lasers offer high output power delivering high quality marking results in high speed applications. However, all of this high peak energy comes at a cost. Pump diode lasers consume a lot of energy and produce a lot of heat, reducing the laser’s productive working life

The Fiber Laser Alternative

With the M3000 series, in particular the M3000R, our product partners FOBA provide an air cooled, quality and high throughput day-night laser marking alternative to pump diode lasers. M3000 series lasers are advanced manual loaded laser workstations. They are designed for the precise and economic processing of small, large and geometrically complex workpieces as well as small and large batches of parts.

Laser marked Day & Night switch

The FOBA M3000R laser is an automatic rotary table workstation. Equipped with a motor-adjustable Z-axis and a 2-station rotary table it is ideal for producing the serial parts found in day/night design elements. In quality terms it is a match for its pump diode laser counterparts.

Added Advantage of IMP

Because the M3000R is a FOBA laser it has the added advantage of FOBA’s patented Intelligent Mark Positioning (IMP) option. This provides a unique means of improving laser marking through mark verification and alignment.

The system operates via a patented high-speed camera system which automatically detects workpieces and their positions. The system then aligns the marking accordingly ensuring precision and repeatability. IMP consistently provides premium quality producing a measurable reduction in the number of defective products.

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