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Tailoring a Laser System Around You

Outside of our product ranges we also offer laser systems to meet specific customer requirements.

Custom Systems Capability

One laser system or even a range of laser systems won’t meet every customer’s needs. To satisfy this demand, TLM Laser offers a Custom Systems Capability. This customised service can take many forms. It may be a straightforward adaption of the front end of the software – a customer specific plug-in to make things easier for the operator. Or it could mean building a stand-alone system providing drawings up front with a complete design, build and install service.

No one production line is the same, by industry or facility. Part of our custom service is to integrate a laser into the line so that it interlocks seamlessly and operates within industry protocols and standards.

Starting from Scratch

Tailored made laser systems

Sometimes it’s not just a question of adapting an existing laser system. There are customers who have specific requirements that off-the-shelf lasers simply cannot meet. For example, where traceability is paramount, particularly in the medical and aerospace sectors, a robotic pick and place system may be required. By limiting operator involvement, errors can be reduced or even eliminated. A complex component may require an equally complicated manipulation for successful marking. Marking extra large items also often requires a customised solution.

The laser enclosure itself frequently creates problems. Through our Custom Systems Capability we can build enclosures that will fit into your existing conveyor mechanism with the added peace of mind it is laser and operator safe.

If you have a specific laser need or can’t find a laser system that meets your specific requirement, please contact Our custom systems service is ready to provide you with a tailor-made answer.