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Laser Marking in the Motor Industry

Laser Marking switchesLasers mark a large variety of components in the motor industry. Easily readable texts, numbers, bar codes, 2-D matrix codes, day/night marking and company logos are standard marks on engine components, switches, VIN plates and vehicle glass.

These are used for both traceability and security and must last throughout the component's lifetime. Laser marking systems can be portable, computer-controlled and versatile. All TLM Laser marking machines are easy to operate and will fulfil all government regulations and industry standards.

The laser marking of control panels on automobile dashboards has become a growth industry. When used on a plastic material, the laser removes a layer of the surface and cuts in the mark. The result can be a contrasting colour that brings an aesthetic appeal to the vehicle's design. The process requires a close control of the finish and accuracy of the final etched product.

The use of lasers to mark back-lit buttons and switches (day/night marking) is an important innovation. A precisely tuned laser can make a high-quality, consistent mark. This technique is used in consoles, dashboards, switches and instrument panels. It can be adapted to provide halo lighting and concealed graphics that are visible only when illuminated.

The automobile industry has inherited the laser marking of gearboxes and bearings from the motor-sport sector. The higher temperatures experienced by vehicle components in motors sports has meant that the traditional component marking method – stamping – is unreliable. It distorted the shape of the component and diminished its performance and efficiency.

Finally, security numbers on automotive glass can be smaller but clearer and less intrusive when marked with a laser than other etching methods.