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Aerospace Component Marking

Laser marking for the Aero industry

Component Laser Marking

As supplier of FOBA products (ALLTEC GmbH),  TLM Laser offer a wide range of system solutions for virtually every aerospace component marking application, metal or plastic. Alltec-FOBA fibre, Nd: YAG or CO2 laser marking machines are among the fastest in their class. These marking products are flexible, simple to integrate and renowned for their reliability and low maintenance.

Extruded Plastics

Cable tunnels, wires and fuel supply lines – in the Aerospace Industry they all need marking. With demands of up to 80 meters per minute production speeds combined with the requirement for the highest quality of mark, only Alltec-FOBA can meet these exacting criteria. TLM Laser supply, deliver, install and maintain all of Alltec-FOBA’s extruded plastics marking systems.

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Intelligent Marking Positioning IMP

Our product partner Alltec-FOBA’s IMP technology uses a combination of integrated (through the lens) vision and single platform software to ensure unbeatable marking accuracy.

Laser systems with IMP can:

  • Increase product throughput by more than 200%
  • Reduce costs by 70%
  • Improve quality by a factor of 4
  • Reduce waste by 90%
  • Improve operator efficiency by a factor of 3

To find out if your laser system could benefit from IMP, contact TLM Laser by email at or call +44 (0) 1527 959 099.

Laser Safety

TLM Laser supplies BOFA Laser Fume Extraction systems and Univet safety products. So we can not only deliver the optimum laser solution, we can help ensure the safety of all those who work with and operate laser systems.