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Choosing a Laser Cleaning System?

Contact-free laser cleaning is one of the fastest, most efficient ways to clean industrial surfaces. This includes rust and paint removal, devarnishing and rubber, plastics, food and composite mould cleaning.

However, just because the cleaning system is laser powered, that does not mean it will deliver optimum performance. Here are the six points to bear in mind before you choose the right system for your needs.

Laser cleaning

  1. Ergonomics

 With handheld laser cleaners, the more ergonomically designed the end effector, the more comfortable the operator is in using it.

With its 2018 Good Design award, 4JET’s JETLASER allows CE compliant two hand usage. The sleek and lightweight design allows comfortable operation over several hours at any one time.

  1. Ease of use

 With JETLASER, there are no consumables to pay for and fiddle about with – all this portable system requires for operation is an electric power supply.

Cleaning parameters can be selected in seconds on the touch panel interface. The operator can choose the laser spot fluence, the overlap of laser pulses and adjust the length of the cleaning line that is projected on the surface. 

  1. Safety

Laser radiation can cause serious and lasting damage to the human eye. Simple precautions such as laser safety eyewear and safety curtains to block the operating area from unprotected passers-by facilitate safety.

For superior safety, JETLASER provides components with safety performance level D including Safety PLC instead of a custom control board.

There is also an interface for the connection of external safety devices including E-Stop, interlock and a laser warning light.

  1. Technical Support

Service support and maintenance are important considerations with any major equipment purchase.

If there is an operational glitch or malfunction, the resulting downtime can prove expensive if days, even weeks, go by before the problem is fixed.

The JETLASER cleaning system requires very little maintenance and is designed so that customers can carry out themselves the minimal maintenance necessary.

However, in the unlikely event of a breakdown, JETLASER is supported by TLM Laser’s locally based, fully trained and experienced service engineers. For maximum productivity and minimal downtime, it’s good to know they’re never far away.

  1. Process Support

With laser cleaning, thorough training is required before the operator gains the necessary speed and efficiency in the process.

As part of out JETLASER support programme, TLM offer day long training courses either on-site or at our Bromsgrove Global HQ. Training can also be carried out remotely if required.

  1. Power

The more power your laser cleaning system has, the more capable it is in removing heavy corrosion and thick layers of coating.

JETLASER is available in power levels between 100W – 2000W.

To give an idea of what power you need, a 200W JETLASER system can remove rust at 8-10cm²/sec, clean moulds at 4-5cm²/sec and remove paint at 5-7cm²/sec.

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