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Special Prices for Education and Existing ULS Customers

If you’re an educational establishment or the owner of a ULS laser system, you can take advantage of a special discount price. 

For education customers, a discount is available on any VLS, PLS or ILS laser system with 50 watts or more laser power. The special price is available from now until December 31, 2021. 

For existing ULS customers, the ULS Loyalty Discount will deliver big savings on the same lasers, again with 50 watts or more laser power. This offer ends on September 30, 2021. 

Universal Laser Systems ILS9-75 Laser Cutter

Both sets of discounts include all accessories and options. However certain exclusions apply. Please contact for details. 

To qualify 

For education customers to qualify, a customer name and location must be provided and verified by ULS before the discount can be offered.

Existing customers need to provide their name and ULS product serial number. These details must be verified by ULS before the discount can be applied. 

Available systems 

All the systems on offer are CO² lasers.

VLS systems range from the compact and economical entry level VLS3. 60 DT to the free-standing VLS6.75 offering up to 75 watts of laser power.

The PLS6.150D is a free-standing platform that supports dual lasers.

The ILS range starts with the single laser platform ILS9.75 with 75 watts max laser power to the ILS12.150D with a dual laser platform supporting a power range up to 150W.

Extra productivity

All of the laser systems on offer provide a range of options including coaxial and lateral gas assist attachments for improved laser material processing and a compressed air source for clean, dry air.

All ULS customers benefit from the Universal Control Panel user interface. This intuitive, easy to use interface allows laser cutting, engraving and marking to be carried out in three easy steps and produces expert quality results.

The Universal Control Panel also gives access to ULS’s Intelligent Materials Database which automatically optimises the laser’s settings for processing hundreds of different materials. 

If you are an educational establishment or an existing Universal Laser Systems customer, find out how much money you can save on a ULS 50watts+ laser right now by contacting