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Laser dead? Not yet!

From the day we were founded back in January 2006, TLM Laser has offered a laser repair and maintenance service. In fact, with all those years of experience  behind us, we’ve probably repaired and/or serviced a laser just like yours – no matter how old!

When an OEM withdraws support for a laser or other piece of equipment, that equipment becomes technically obsolete, whether it’s still fully functional or not. 

Product obsolescence can even be planned by manufacturers with obsolescence built into the product from its conception. Whether the obsolescence is planned or not, it’s fair to say that end-of-life documentation from manufacturers announcing their product is obsolete increases year over year by as much as 25%. 

Laser repair

Consequences of obsolescence 

If a manufacturer withdraws support for your laser, downtime must be the first concern. Should your laser break down without a reliable source of engineering support or spare parts, the resulting downtime can prove very expensive, especially if it means failing to meet a production schedule. 

If the laser can’t be repaired then it must be replaced which again can prove expensive. 

It could also be problematic. Taking the Aerospace industry as an example, Aerospace companies often work in 25-year investment cycles. Procurement standards can sometimes apply to the equipment used in manufacturing. If this equipment is no longer functioning, what then? Put another way, many aircraft flying today were made with lasers built in the 1990s! 

Downtime beating 

If the OEM has withdrawn support for your laser, TLM can keep it up and running for you. Our highly trained engineers can ensure that downtime is reduced to an absolute minimum, whether its an emergency call-out or a scheduled service visit. 

We don’t just look after our product partners’ laser machines and systems. Our engineers are trained and experienced on a wide spectrum of equipment including: 

  • GSI Lumonics
  • HK
  • Rofin Baasel
  • Control
  • Laser Applications
  • Lee Laser

Wide range of spares 

TLM carries a wide range of laser spare parts. Electricals, optics, lamps, boards, flow tubes, socket assemblies – the list is an extensive one. 

If we haven’t got the right part in stock for your laser, chances are we can source one quickly or, through our engineers’ technical expertise, create an alternative solution. 

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