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Dedicated to Laser Safety

Without taking the necessary safety precautions, lasers can be dangerous, not only for users but for those within the vicinity.

For example, a Class 4 laser beam can temporarily blind someone from 0.7 miles (1.1 km) distance of the laser. If that distance becomes a matter of a couple of metres or yards, then actual damage to the eye can occur with the possibility of permanent injury.

It’s not only eyes that are at risk, skin is too, with a laser beam capable of inflicting a nasty burn as well as scarring. It’s also worth noting that Class 4 lasers represent a fire risk.

Making a safe space

Laser safety chamber

Class 4 lasers are at the extreme end of the laser spectrum.

But even Class 2 lasers such as laser pointers can still cause eye damage while Class 3 lasers, such as those used in physiotherapy and research, have the potential to both damage eyes and ignite flammable materials.

To keep staff and members of the public safe, many companies are investing in a laser chamber.

This takes the form of a dedicated area with all the necessary partitioning,curtains,safety windows and even an interlocking door to separate the operation from other users of the building.

In such an area, operators continue to wear approved laser safety eyewear and any protective clothing deemed necessary. The laser chamber provides an added element of safety so that a misguided laser beam is contained within the protected area and does not present a risk to others outside the laser operating area.

The TLM Chamber


With our long-term experience in laser installations, we have in-depth knowledge and expertise of the hazards of laser use.

With a laser chamber, our aim is to achieve 100% safety within and without its walls. The starting point is a thorough risk assessment of the premises and its lasers. This includes the risk to the public, the risk of fire and the dangers of hazardous fumes and particles.

Only materials that have been fully tested and approved are used in the construction of the chamber. If they haven’t been tested, TLM will test them.

Ergonomics and environment

A TLM laser chamber is designed to provide a safe and productive environment. To achieve this, our laser chambers are bespoke affairs, made to customer requirements. 

Lasers come in a wide range of configurations – from manual workstations to small, portable handheld units; from fully integrated to stand alone. Whatever the lasers used, TLM will construct the laser chamber ergonomically to optimise their use. 

The working environment is another important consideration. Lasers generate fumes and particles which need to be removed from the atmosphere. TLM pay particular attention to ensuring the extraction equipment keeps the laser chamber fume and particle-free whilst maintaining a comfortable temperature.

To find out how our laser chamber design and build service can meet your organisation’s requirements and improve your staff and site safety, please contact