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The Power to Laser Cut In-House

Many small to medium engineering companies require a laser cutting facility for cutting pipework and/or steel plate. However, for reasons of capital cost, many of these companies choose to sub-contract the work rather than invest in an in-house laser cutting machine.

An affordable cut

Our product partners, Bodor, offer a range of powerful laser cutting machines at a reduced investment cost.

Bodor stands out from many other Chinese laser manufacturers through its adherence to international and European manufacturing standards. These include the relevant EN standards, assessed and certifies by TUV.

Bodor laser cutting machine

Power with precision

Bodor laser cutting machines combine high power with supreme accuracy.

For example, Bodor’s high end flagship, the S Series of smart, automatic, plate laser fiber cutting machines offer a range of laser output power options from 6Kw to a heavy duty 40Kw.

These power options are incorporated with a whole range of sophisticated functions and features.

They include intelligent anti-collision with a 360º radar system, intelligent perforation technology that reduces perforation time of medium to thick plate to just 4s and a vortex start that chooses the vortex process according to material and thickness.  This eliminates the need for repeated adjustments allowing easy operation.

Awesome accuracy

The Bodor S Series is also supremely accurate. For example, the S3 version gives an X/Y positional accuracy of just 0.03mm. Its repositioning accuracy is an amazing 0.02mm.

However, with the ultra-precise i3 linear laser cutting machine, Bodor have even surpassed these figures with an X/Y positional accuracy of 0.01mm and a repositioning accuracy of 0.004!!!

When size matters

With a bed size of 600x600mm, the flexible i3 is the smallest laser cutting machine in the Bodor range.

As well as providing accuracy and precision, Bodor has also established a reputation for large-scale laser cutting machines. For example, the Bodor P8 has a mammoth working area of 8100x2500mm.

Coiled material, sheet and tube or even combinations of these, Bodor has a laser to cut it. Plus provide you with the handling and smart automation to dramatically impact your efficiency and productivity.

Laser cutting examples

For details of how the Bodor laser cutting machine range can help you bring laser cutting in-house and further information on the Bodor S Series, please visit