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Laser Fume Extraction from BOFA

Lasers are being used more and more as a replacement to conventional marking and engraving systems. Laser markers and engravers offer higher speeds and accuracy. When used in conjunction with an efficient fume elimination system and LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) extraction kit, the user benefits from a much cleaner working environment.

Laser Generated Air Contaminates

A variety of toxic fumes and particulates are generated when different substrates are being lasered. These contaminates are known within the industry as LGACs (Laser Generated Air Contaminates). LGACs of different make-up can react in the extreme within the filter separation process. In some instances having high ratio of gases to particulates and visa versa. For example, fume from Nylon when lasered is roughly 80% particulate to 20% gas, where as fume from Acrylic is 90% gas to 10% particulate.

As the UK distributor for BOFA International Limited, TLM Laser can provide you with the perfect Laser Fume Extraction System that best suits your equipment needs.

Laser Fume Extraction Data Sheets

  • PVC Fume extractor

    Advantage PVC

    Designed to deal with the corrosive fumes generated by PVC....

    Advantage PVC »

  • AD 2000 fume extractor

    AD2000 - AD4000

    For the Laser Marking, Cutting and Engraving Industries....

    AD2000 - AD4000 »

  • AD 250 fume extractor

    AD 250 - 350

    Cost Effective Extraction solutions for Light Duty, Laser Marking, Coding and Engraving....

    AD 250 - 350 »

  • Advantage Fume extractors

    Advantage 500, 1000, 1500

    Mid to high end extractors for heavy duty Laser Marking, Coding and Engraving Industries....

    Advantage 500, 1000, 1500 »

  • The all new AD Access combines economic ownership with performance to match the small laser user

    Advantage Access

    For the Light Duty, Laser Marking, Coding and Engraving Industries...

    Advantage Access »

  • For use with the GCC C180 Laser Engraver

    Advantage BASE C180

    Designed specifically for use with the new GCC C180 Laser Engraver....

    Advantage BASE C180 »

  •  	  Advantage BaseZ Datasheet

    Advantage BaseZ

    Designed specifically for use with the new Epilog Zing Laser Engraver....

    Advantage BaseZ »

  • Blower with high airflow and pressure

    Advantage Companions

    A number of manufacturer’s laser engravers can sit on top of the extractor, effectively doubling it up as a work station...

    Advantage Companions »

  • The AD Oracle packs a powerful range of unique features into one compact unit

    Advantage Oracle

    High Performance Extractor with Auto-Voltage sensing pump, reverse flow and closed loop automatic flow control....

    Advantage Oracle »

  • Bofa’s most technically advanced Laser Fume Extractor

    Advantage Oracle SA

    Closed Loop, Automatic Flow Control allows preset flow rates, for lower noise levels & protection of both the combined and pre-filters....

    Advantage Oracle SA »