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Enclosed Class 1 Laser Cutting Machines

BODOR - C Series, P Series and S Series

These super-fast and accurate enclosed laser cutting machines come with a variety of features and abilities to suit a wide range of uses.

S Series: Smart Ultra High Power Plate Laser Cutter

BODOR S Series laser cutter

A Cast Iron Bed That Lasts Forever

With tiny graphite sheets which are distributed in the pearlite matrix the S Series bed provides higher structural rigidity with excellent damping effects and creep resistance. 

Pyramid Crossbeam

Made from aviation grade aluminum alloy, the whole crossbeam structure is anti-twist, anti-overturning and  achieves the lightest weight with the best rigidity, ensuring high speed and high accuracy laser cutting.

Automatic Obstacle Avoidance

The ACC in laser cutting industry with intelligent anti-collision

Ultra High Speed

200m/min linkage speed, 4G linkage acceleration and Z axis response speed is fast and efficient

Bevel Cutting

A combination of control system and mechanical device provides bevel cutting at any angle within 0-45°.

Automatic Nozzle Changing

Nozzles can be replaced automatically according to different materials and thicknesses, saving manual replacement time and improving processing efficiency. The high-precision drive system provides a reliable replacement precision and stability to ensure that every replacement can be perfectly safe. Fully enclosed protection of the whole part improves the safety of parts and personal.

C Series: Economical Plate Fiber Laser Cutter

BODOR C Series laser cutter

All-around Protective Covering

Full protection and encirclement
Isolation of laser radiation pollution
Automatic soot collection

Tenon-and-mortise Welded Bed

Traditional Chinese tenon-and-mortise structure provides stronger bearing capacity and long-term operational stability. The overall welded structure improves shock absorption, lowers deviation caused by shock, and provides more accurate cutting.

Auto Focus Laser Head

By setting the perforation focal length and cutting focal length respectively, the cutting is more accurate. Suitable for multiple focal lengths with focal position automatically adjusted, based on the thickness of different sheets.

Stretched Aluminum Beam

The beam's aviation-level material with enhanced rigidity, greatly reduces beam deformation during high-speed operation, as well as improving high-speed directional sensitivity and processing efficiency.

Automatic Obstacle Avoidance

Intelligent Anti-collision - the 360°radar system can detect any obstacles in advance and Z axis high-speed motion will be activated to immediately avoid obstacles, avoiding collisions.

Bodor Cutting 2.0

Upgraded nitrogen cutting ensures the cutting speed can be at most 4 times as fast as ordinary cutting. Smooth cutting surface spares the need for other procedures and higher processing efficiency saves labor costs.

P Series: All Cover Exchange Platform Laser Cutter

BODOR P Series laser cutter

Environment Friendly And Healthy

With improved protection from laser radiation, the automatic collection of smoke and dusts and an intelligent monitoring system the P Series provides safer and more envromentally friendly laser cutting. 

Automatic Nozzle Changer

The P Series has a control system to automatically replace the nozzles by different material and thickness.

Cast Iron Bed

The use of flake graphite in bed construction provides strong shock absorption and wear resistance, reducing the loss of equipment.

Intelligent Anti-collision

The 360° radar system will foresee and detect any obstacles. A lower damage rate of the laser head reduces maintenance costs and prolongs cutter lifespan.

Auto Focus Laser Head

Automatically adjusts focal position in cutting process.

Cast aluminum crossbeam

Molded and framed by an integral steel mold and die-casting technology the lightweight crossbeam enables a high operation speed, improving processing efficiency and quality.

Dual-platform Automatic Exchange System

The chain drive reduces loading time and the rapid exchange between two platforms greatly improves work efficiency.

Touch Control

The touch screen with double HD cameras is the first in the world to use UI design, making processing more intuitive to give you the peak experience!

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