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Flatbed Laser Cutting

With a range of fibre laser cutting machine tools IPG Photonics gives you the ability to cut the material you need at the thickness you require at very high levels of accuracy and repeatability. Giving you automation accuracy eliminating the need for manual operations and reducing the need for down time.

Using YLS Fiber Lasers with up to 4kW average power on a flatbed with a sheet size of up to 1250mm x 1250 mm you can cut steel, aluminium, brass, copper, titanium, alloys and even carbon fibre. The low mass cutting heads and granite base mean that you can achive speed and accuracy in anything from a prototyping to a high volume production environment. The small footprint and high efficiency delivering affordability and a rapid return on investment.

Flatbed laser cutting head
Integrated CNC control for flatbed cutting

Flatbed Laser Cutters

  • ipg laser cutting flat bed platform

    IPG Laser Cube

    The LaserCube is optimised for creating small parts from a sheet size of up to 1250 x 1250mm. Despite the capacity it only has a small footprint and is a class 1 laser product....

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  • ipg LaserCube specs

    Why IPG's LaserCube

    A visual guide to some of the key fatures of the IPG LaserCube...

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