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World’s Smallest Laser Head

With Titus™, the saying “Good things come in small packages” has never been so true. Wherever manufacturing space is at a premium, Titus™ is the solution. As a 20W or 30W laser marker, Titus™ is not only amazingly small but incredibly easy to integrate. As a result, it opens up new areas for fast, direct part marking with particular relevance to the automotive, aerospace and electronics industries.

Small size, big advantages

Up to 90% smaller in size and weight than other laser marking heads, Titus™ is easier to fit into manufacturing lines. It cuts installation time and costs and opens up a range of opportunities for laser marking.

Titus ultra-small laser marking head

It’s a high performance laser. Titus™ provides excellent beam quality and marking results on a range of materials including plastics and metals. It’s fast too. Titus™ can mark at up to 2,000 characters per second.

Innovative and versatile

For ease of laser integration, Titus™ answers a range of key requirements.

With clampn’go brackets for quick and easy marking head adjustment and repositioning combined with its small size, Titus™ meets the need for simple mechanical integration with minimal space requirements.

This small component size and reduced bracketing also means that installation time can be reduced by up to 90%. Set up’s faster too with an integrated focus finder to quickly detect the right focus for the job. A pilot laser allows marking content simulation.

Full integration flexibility

The Titus™ marking head offers straight out (0°) and turned (90°) beam exit options for easy and flexible operation. 3m and 10m fiber laser umbilicals allow the supply unit to be placed away from the marking area.

Even more flexibility comes with a choice of communication protocols including TCP/IP, PROFINET and EtherNet.

Easy to use

Titus™ is designed to work with FOBA’s new Y 0200-xs and Y.0300-xs fiber laser markers. With these lasers, FOBA offers a choice of easy-to-use and easy-to-connect interfaces to make industrial part marking far easier.

For those who value complete flexibility, FOBA Go provides remote control on a range of devices. FOBA Draw is for general marking applications and marking on the fly. For more sophisticated and complex markings, FOBA MarkUS is intuitive high performance laser marking software.

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