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Laser Eyewear - Safety, Style and Savings

Founded in 1997, our product partners Univet have grown to become one of the world leaders in safety eyewear. With its headquarters in Rezzato, Italy, the company now has branches and offices all over the world, from Germany to Brazil, New York to Moscow. Here in the UK, TLM Laser is proud to represent Univet as stylish innovators of laser protection glasses, filters and windows.

Laser safety eyewear

Not just style . . .

It’s not just all about style. Univet puts considerable resources behind technical innovation and has created a raft of ground-breaking products over the years. For example, Sylex frames give the high level protection properties of metal in a lightweight comfortable plastic frame. Another innovation is SoftPad, a patented terminal that attaches to the arms of goggles to deliver unprecedented levels of comfort.

Designed to protect

Univet’s roots lie in fashion and sports glasses design. This expertise has been applied in the development of the Univet range of laser safety glasses. The Made in Italy style has been recognised internationally through various awards. These have been given not just for aesthetic appeal but for quality, ergonomics and avant-garde technology as well. Univet’s commitment to innovation and stylish design has a major and positive advantage over other safety eyewear ranges – operators actually want to wear the eyewear rather than leave them sitting on a desk in the workplace!

Eyewear Wizards

Working with Univet, TLM has developed Laser Safety Eyewear and Laser Safety Windows Wizards. For safety glasses, go to the Safety Glasses Wizard, select your protective glasses design, key in your laser’s specifications and we’ll send you a quote in return – instantly. For laser safety windows, go to the Safety Windows Wizard, key in your laser specifications and the window options that are right for your laser along with their corresponding prices will be sent to you virtually immediately. At TLM Laser, we believe our

Univet laser safety glasses and window prices cannot be beaten. So for quality, style, innovation and value that protects, just click the wizards!