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Package Marking, Labels, Bottles, Cans and Caps

As suppliers of Alltec-FOBA products, TLM Laser offer a wide range of system solutions for virtually every packaging marking application. For example:

Food, PET Bottles, Coated Cardboard, Labels, Frozen Good Packaging, Cans, Caps & Closures, Foil, Glass Containers, Cardboard Packs/Boxes, Drink, Labels, Glass Bottles, Cans, Gable Tops, Caps, Pharmaceuticals, Cardboard Boxes, Metal parts on Pharma Phials, Ampoules/Phials, Caps, Blisters

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RecycleEU Directive

On December 20, 1994 the European Parliament issued Directive 94/62/EC "on packaging and packaging waste," which went into effect on June 30, 1996.

Directive 94/62/EC establishes recovery and recycling targets for packaging waste. By December 31, 2008, 55% by weight of all packaging waste had to be recycled, and 60% either be recycled or incinerated with energy recovery. In addition, material-specific recycling targets had also to be met: 60% by weight for glass, 60% for paper and cardboard, 50% for metal, 22.5% for plastics and 15% for wood (such as crates and pallets).

Consumer packages made from metals, plastics and composite materials should be marked with identification marking for the recovery of packaging waste. The marking and identification system established by the directive remains voluntary at this time. Each material is assigned a number and a letter abbreviation. Marking should be permanent to facilitate recycling and recovery. It may be placed on the packaging itself or on the label.

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