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Laser Safety Glasses and Goggles

univet safety goggles for laserAs the UK and Ireland distributor for Univet Optical Technologies laser safety products, TLM can supply laser safety glasses and goggles that comply to the very latest EN207 and EN208 regulations.

Laser protection goggles

Frames and Features

A wide range of frames offers a choice of different styles and features. Excellent coverage and a great fit are the basis of Univet laser safety glasses with features like side shields, superposition and the innovative Softpad system. Univet provides a full range of features including plastic and glass absorption and interferential filters. Univet's technical department is also able to develop protective filters that are not available in the catalogue according to the specifications of the laser equipment, providing expert advice to distributors and customers.

IPL: A series of articles devoted for patients and operators in contact with IPL (Intense Pulsed Light); these products, ideal for medical, cosmetic and outpatient applications, must protect the wearer from the intense flashing lights. Amber IPL is an absolute novelty, specifically developed from the prEN50415 European standard, which defines the requirements of glasses adopted by users in contact.

Patient Care: During specific operations or treatments the eyes of the patient are also subjected to harmful radiation; to avoid the associated risks, Univet have designed special glasses with blind lenses or with selected laser filters. Cleanable and equipped with interchangeable parts, they are ideal for clinics and surgeries.

Windows: The laser windows, used primarily in industrial applications, consist of the same materials used in the line of filters for glasses. Specifically developed for the most common laser systems, windows are available in catalogue in standard formats.

Download the Laser Eyewear Catalogue PDF [6.8mb]

Filter/lense colour changes depending on wave length selected

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