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Laser Cutting 2D Organics

with Universal Laser Systems

Universal has a focus on R&D to provide new terchnologies that deliver productivity and reliability at competitive process.  Rather than cobble together available technlogies original patented hardware is produced to offer more than 1,000,000 different possible configurations that enable the cutting of a hugely broad range of materials.

  • Modular Architecture
  • ULS Laser Sources
  • Rapid Reconfiguration
  • Laser System User Interfaces
  • Intelligent Materials Database
  • Dual Laser Configuration
  • MultiWave HybridTechnology
  • SuperSpeed Technology
  • HPDFO (High Power Density Focusing Optics)
  • Gas Assist with Optics Protection
  • Cutting Tables
  • Air Filtration Units
  • Class 4 Conversion Module
  • Traveling Exhaust
  • 1-Touch Laser Photo
  • Direct File Import
  • Universal Camera Registration
  • Automation Interface
  • Non-Contact Hydrostatic Fluid Bearings
  • Fire Suppression
  • Embedded PC
  • vls entry level cutter

    VLS Series

    The VLS2.30 and 3.50 Desktop laser platforms are the easiest way to get started with laser technology. About the size of a printer, a VLS Desktop laser packs sophisticated laser processing capabilities into an attractive, durable package....

    VLS Series »

  • pls high throughput cutter

    PLS Platform Series

    The PLS4.75, PLS6.75 and PLS6.150D are engineered for significant gains in throughput. We suggest the PLS platform series of laser systems for customers seeking to expand a business or conquer challenging applications....

    PLS Platform Series »

  • pls SuperSpeed cutter

    PLS6.150D with SuperSpeed

    The PLS6.150D with SuperSpeed™ (PLS6.150DSS) platform is designed and engineered for demanding applications requiring maximum productivity. The PLS6.150DSS platform offers a truly flexible solution through its modular design....

    PLS6.150D with SuperSpeed »

  • pls Multi-material Cutter

    PLS6MW with Expanded Material Possibilities

    For the maximum in material processing versatility, consider the PLS6MW Multi-Wavelength Laser Platform. Unique among laser systems, the PLS6MW can make use of three different laser wavelengths to process the broadest spectrum of materials and applications....

    PLS6MW with Expanded Material Possibilities »

  • ILS Large form Cutter

    ILS Larger Work Area

    The ILS series, our largest platforms, is ideal for businesses that need high productivity or process large objects. The ILS laser platforms feature work areas up to twice as large as the largest PLS or VLS platforms, and a patented, true Class 4 material pass-through mode is available for safe processing of objects of unlimited length....

    ILS Larger Work Area »

  • Ultar 9 Material Processing System

    ULTRA 9 Material Processing Slution

    The ULTRA 9 platform offers laser material processing for the widest possible range of materials. It is designed and ideally suited for precision material processing in manufacturing, research and development, academic research, and prototyping environments....

    ULTRA 9 Material Processing Slution »

  • XLS High Performance cutting

    XLS10.150D High Performance Solution

    The XLS10.150D is our highest performing laser material processing solution Advanced motion system and modular architecture propel the XLS10.150D to new industry heights. With a power range from 10-250 watts, the XLS10.150D is engineered for ultimate flexibility to address diverse material processing needs, from the everyday to the unusually complex....

    XLS10.150D High Performance Solution »

  • XLS the ultimate cutting machine

    XLS HIgh End Laser Material Processing

    Unparalleled performance and the ultimate in flexibility, accuracy, productivity and safety. With its modular design architecture, your company can create the optimal DLMPTM (Digital Laser Material Processing) system to meet the most demanding application needs for a variety of environments—from research and development to prototyping and manufacturing....

    XLS HIgh End Laser Material Processing »

If you need more information on any of these laser machines or you would like help integrating them into your production environment, please contact us