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Your Old Wafer Marking Laser is Not Dead Yet

semiconductor waferLIS (Laser Identification Systems) invented wafer marking processes almost 35 years ago. It proved to be such a fast, efficient and error-free process that virtually every semiconductor manufacturer invested in the technology. Many of these manufacturers still use LSI, Lumonics, GSI Lumonics and GSI lasers for their traceability and product identification needs.

However, after a spate of mergers, acquisitions and name changes in recent years, GSI Lumonics and virtually all the other original wafer marking pioneers are effectively no more.

Help at hand

With no existing manufacturers, finding spares and someone to carry out repairs is potentially a major problem for GSI and GSI Lumonics users. Especially as some GSI products actually specified yearly preventative maintenance as a production essential. To make matters worse, some GSI Lumonics lasers have been officially described as “obsolete”.

For users of such equipment, all is not lost. To minimise downtime and maintain productivity, TLM provide a worldwide wafer marking system support service.

Acknowledged as laser experts

TLM engineers are recognised by the semiconductor industry as experts in their field. Our wafer marking specialists are experienced and trained in providing maintenance and support for virtually all the leading manufacturers in the sector, including such past and present names as ESI, LIS, Lumonics and, of course, GSI-Lumonics.

Full spares support

GSI-Lumonics may not be a manufacturing company any more but the spare parts for its lasers are still available. Optics, lamps, flow cells, diode modules, robots, aligners, PCBs, etc. – TLM carry a wide range of spare parts for laser wafer marking systems. If you require a particular part or want a part quotation, please email