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Mobile Laser Hardening

With laser hardening of metal surfaces gaining popularity on traditional methods it was only a matter of time before the world’s first mobile robot was designed for the task.

For some jobs the time-consuming dismounting of heavy components does create a time to cost issue. But using a mobile hardening robot you can drive the laser with its self-propelled crawling chassis, directly to the part that needs to be hardened.

Mobile laser hardening

This is the Alpha Laser AL-Rock with its flexible, wide sweeping robot arm which is flexible enough reach even the most challenging work pieces.

The laser hardening process creates a very fine-grained and tough structure, so the hardened material is very resistant to cracking - the same hardness as with conventional hardening processes.

All common metals can be hardened with the Al Rock including:

  • tempered steel
  • structural steel
  • cold work steel
  • cast steel
  • grey cast iron

The AL ROCK can also be used for laser powder welding or for build-up welding with welding wire.

For more information on the hardening process see Laser Cladding Systems

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