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Laser Cutting Machines


Laser Cutting Metals

Laser cutting machines can cut a wide variety of industrial metals of varying thickness to just about any shape. Quick, clean, accurate and adaptable, laser cutting is the preferred method for many businesses across a wide range of industries. Our machines can cut to a repositioning accuracy of 0.004mm. We can also offer automation for sheet handling or cutting directly from the coil. Tube cutting is also available for round or box sections, and we can also offer a combination tool that does both tube and flat sheets.

Laser cutting machines can cut:

  • stainless steel
  • carbon steel
  • titanium
  • copper
  • brass
  • aluminium
  • mild steel

Lasers can cut much thicker materials if a different laser source is selected and with our 30Kw laser we can cut 70mm mild steel.

Laser cutting machine materials

Fibre Laser Cutting

Fiber lasers vary from standard laser cutting machines such as CO2, being completely solid state in build and design. They therefore have no mechanical cavity resonators or mirrors and have no parts that can be adjusted. There are no replaceable parts within the laser. Fiber lasers don’t rely on gas for excitement so have none of the costs associated with free flowing, gas based CO2 lasers. So are cheaper to run and far more efficient:

  • Laser output of light is sent along a flexible optical fiber that is connected directly into the laser cutting head.
  • This eliminates the requirement or need for optics in the delivery path and also eliminates any adjustments to the beam.
  • Emission is at 1u (Micron) wavelength.

Superior Efficiency

When it comes to efficiency fibre laser cutters are far superior to its Co2 rival for cutting metals. Not only does it cut faster but does so at lower power - typically 3.5 times faster on 1mm steel than an equivalent Co2 system.

We also need to look at how green the technology is, wall plug efficiency of fiber lasers offer the highest of any commercial laser. It isn’t just the fact they use less electricity whilst cutting but the added benefit of a reduction in cooling required for removal of unwanted heat is also proportionally reduced. This in turn reduces the electrical services required.

The numbers don’t lie with 37% wall plug efficiency added to the improvement of material cutting characteristics, with materials like copper and brass which previously could not be cut on CO2 now easily achievable with fibre. Fibre lasers typically use 70% less electrical energy when compared to CO2 lasers in metal cutting applications.

Industrial Laser Cutters 

Industrial laser cutting machines can:

  • Cut almost any shape 
  • Produce small kerfs of only 0.15mm
  • Cut fine details and small pieces with high precision
  • Produce inlays without gaps
  • Avoid burning and breakages
  • Save costs with less waste material

Data Sheets

If you need more information on any of these laser machines or you would like help integrating them into your production environment, please contact us