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LaserSharp - the Die Board Alternative

Die boards are a necessary component of many of the packaging industry’s manufacturing processes. Or are they?

Our product partners, LasX, manufacture quality laser converting equipment ideally suited to meeting the variable demands of the packaging industry. Their patented LaserSharp® technology can carry out multiple processes at high speed in a single production run. LaserSharp systems cut, score, perforate, kiss-cut and etch papers, plastics and adhesives with unmatched precision in a single-stage process.

The die board alternative

Lasers don’t get blunt

The non-contact laser process vaporises materials at controlled depths. It delivers precise score lines, registered to print and cleaner, more uniform perforated holes.

With LaserSharp technology, lasers can be used for kiss-cutting, pressure sensitive labels and for cutting intricate shapes or functional features in printed materials and folding cartons.

There’s no need to create or change a die. You just adjust the program. Lasers don’t get blunt. They also don’t create the downtime and costs associated with traditional packaging processing.

In particular, lasers save the huge cost and space wasting involved in storing die boards. Die boards are often damaged in use and in storage requiring yet more time and cost in their replacement.

Fastest systems on the market

LasX’s LaserSharp technology allows ‘direct to part’ processing to enable a completely on-demand digital workflow across the production floor, ideal for cost-effective short runs as well as full-scale mass production. The systems can be easily integrated into new or existing production lines. They can also be retrofitted to equipment such as slitter-rewinders and pouch machines.

Lasx LaserSharp

With LaserSharp technology, the systems can be configured in roll or sheet-fed formats. They offer straight line, contour and patterned processing in both down-web and cross-web directions.

Laser converting is a completely digital process. As a result, design changes can be made on-the-fly by simply adjusting a vector file which guides the path of the laser. With the explosion of digital print, there hasn’t been a better time to consider digitalising production further downstream.

In summary, with LaserSharp sheet-fed systems for folding cartons and print media, users can enjoy the following:

  • Unlimited cutting paths without shape limitations
  • Creating complex designs and patterns with high tolerances
  • Digital finishing that requires no hard tooling or metal dies
  • Reduced time to market
  • Instant order change on-the-fly
  • Product personalization, ideal for custom orders
  • Waste reduction
  • Streamlined workflow

For further details on LasX’s LaserSharp packaging solutions and /or information on LasX’s contract laser converting services for the flexible packaging industry, LaserSharp FlexPak Services, please contact