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Laser Marking Without the Cost of a Laser

When the marking need does not justify the cost of a laser, TLM offer a sub-contract laser marking service. We can give your products (especially high value/low throughput items) the traceability or over-branding you require. 

First rate credentials 

Operating as a dedicated laser service company and UK and Ireland laser machine and system distributor for over 14 years, TLM offers virtually unparalleled expertise and experience in providing a laser marking service. 

As you’d expect, we are equipped with state-of-the-art laser technology. Add to this a highly experienced and skilled team and you can be sure of short lead times combined with outstanding quality. 

Whatever the need 

TLM’s sub-contract laser marking service is experienced in meeting the requirements of a wide range of industries. 

Laser marking service car parts

For the semiconductor industry, we frequently fulfil orders to over-brand silicon chips. 

We also serve the aerospace, microelectronics and precision engineering sectors where quality and accuracy are absolute essentials. 

In precision marking, volumes are usually low but we are just as ready to meet high volume demands. We recently marked a consignment of 2000 boxes of plastic alarm cases.

Organic material cutting 

As well as marking your products, we can also provide laser cutting for small or large volumes of organic material. 

Plywood, leather, cork, acrylic, etc. – if your cutting requirement is not sufficient to warrant investing in a laser, TLM are here to do the job for you. 

For full details of our laser marking and/or organic materials cutting service, please visit