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InnoLas Wafer Marking

InnoLas lasers are specifically designed for marking semiconductor wafers giving a repeateable mark every time.  With ultra reliable marking you will never lose your wafer as it goes through processing. 

Marking that works with commercially available readers and continuous development  means you can be confident of human and machine readable marking.

  • IL 600 Data Sheet

    IL 600

    Nd:YAG 355/532/1064 & CO2 10.600nm for the unique Identification of your wafers Dot Depth 0,1 – 100µm (depending on laser & material) Dot Diameter 25 – 150 µm (depending on laser & material)...

    IL 600 »

  • semiconductor IL 1000 Laser Marking Series

    IL 1000

    The Innolas IL 1000 Laser Marking series was developed for simple or advanced marking of a broad range of material types, sizes and geometries....

    IL 1000 »

  • IL 2000 Laser marking System

    IL 2000

    The Innolas IL 2000 series laser system is designed to mark various wafer materials with diameters ranging from 2“ to 200mm....

    IL 2000 »

  • IL 3000 wafer marking system product brochure

    IL 3000

    The Innolas IL 3000 (Plus) series laser system is designed to mark 300mm Silicon wafers....

    IL 3000 »

  • IL C3000 product brochure

    IL C3000

    The Innolas IL C 3000 is a state of the art class 1 mini environment marking system for 300mm Silicon wafers....

    IL C3000 »

  • IL C3000 HT product brochure

    IL C3000 HT

    The InnoLas Wafer Marking System IL C3000 HT for the unique Identification of your wafers...

    IL C3000 HT »

  • IL 4000 Data Sheet

    IL 4000

    Wafer Sizes 300/450 mm ±75 µm (high precision) / ±100 µm (standard) Nd:YAG 355/532/1064 & CO2 10.600nm...

    IL 4000 »

  • IL C4000 Data Sheet

    IL C4000

    Mini Environment ISO 3 (ISO 14644-1) / Class 1 (US FED STD 209E) Loading Stations Up to 3 Wafer Transfer Single Arm Robot – Single End Effector...

    IL C4000 »