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The End of Your Laser Service Nightmare?

As a cutting edge technology (no pun intended!), laser systems are systems in a constant state of innovation. Ever increasing specs are continually entering the market rendering existing lasers with just two or three years’ service redundant. Or not?

Many an old laser has plenty of life left in it. In terms of marking, welding and cutting traditional materials, a laser is still the most cost-effective and accurate means of carrying out these processes. For the sake of a few incremental percentage points in increased performance for a large capital outlay, you are often better off sticking with your old laser rather than upgrading.

Who Cares?

Laser Service

The only problem with retaining your old laser is service support. For reasons of performance and, above all, safety, lasers need regular servicing. However, the older the laser gets the harder it gets to find someone to service it. The manufacturer has often long moved on and though there is always someone with the necessary expertise to carry out a repair or service, visiting you may be geographically impractical. Alternatively, if you can find someone the cost implications, especially for an old machine, might be prohibitive.

Total Laser Maintenance

TLM Laser’s roots as a company lie in laser maintenance and service. Despite our position today as one of the UK’s leading distributors of laser systems and products, we take pride in providing a national laser support service from highly trained engineers. Our technical support service is available in an emergency or as a scheduled service visit. We also provide bespoke contracts so you can be sure your old laser remains productive at a preferential discounted rate. Emergency call out cover can be included in your contract so you need have no worries regarding time lost in raising a purchase order in order to request an engineer.

We also provide an extensive spare parts service and offer a CO2 laser refill service on DC and RF Excited CO2 laser tubes.

CO2 Refill Savings

It’s estimated that there are ½ million RF Excited CO2 laser tubes in the world today. At any one time, 1% of these will be out of action. So that means up to 5000 tubes are about to be thrown away and replaced when (for the vast majority) all they need is regassing. When it comes to DC tubes these figures can be multiplied many times more!

The TLM Laser CO2 laser refill service can refill your DC or RF excited tubes for around 20% of the tube replacement cost. After our regassing and subsequent testing of your tube, you can then confidently expect it to achieve the same output power as the origin manufacturer. So based on the estimated amount of tubes out there that are about to be discarded and replaced, there is an awful lot of money just waiting to be saved!

For queries or more information on TLM Laser’s range of laser support services and specific details on the TLM Laser CO2 Laser refill service please contact