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MarkUS Laser Marking Software

FOBA MarkUS is an intuitive graphic design and high-performance laser marking software system for the creation of high-quality and precise laser markings. The visual user guidance (color codings, flexible and floating toolbars, common icons) provides an intuitive and easy-to-use software interface.

Laser marking software

MarkUS users can create great marks and benefit from a range of value-added features:

  • MarkUS Designer: Easy-to-use GUI for the creation and editing of laser markings, engravings or finishings
  • MarkUS Runtime: Intuitive user interface and high-performance laser control software for the production of laser markings, engravings or finishings
  • MarkUS Administrator: System setup and configuration
  • Freely configurable user levels: Operator for running production jobs (Runtime), Job designer for job creation and job setup (Designer), Administrator for system configuration

MarkUs product benefits:

  • Intuitive graphic design tools and layout functionalities for lean and efficient workflows
  • Various marking formats & contents for complete flexibility
  • Closed-loop mark process to support customers' process reliability (pre & post-mark validation with part validation, pre-mark verification, mark alignment, mark verification, optical character verification and 2D code validation)
  • Built-in grayscale image support for the creation of superb grayscale markings
  • Innovative vision alignment systems for precision and repeatability: IMP and Point & Shoot
  • Remote control options for greater automation and productivity (TCP/IP, Profibus, serial communication)
  • Support and control of up to 5 axes including a swivel and a rotary axis  - Five in one sweep

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