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Our New Dot Marking Partner

We now offer innovative dot marking systems from Richter with an emphasis on integrated applications.

Dot Peening and Scribing machine

Richter Marking and Automation are specialists in industrial marking technology. Their innovative marking systems are developed and manufactured at their headquarters in Konken, Germany. The company has a worldwide sales and service network with partner companies in more than 20 countries. TLM Laser is now Richter’s sole exclusive dealer in the UK.

Handheld to Integrated Production Line

Richter offer a complete range of dot marking machines and systems from simple table top markers to fully integrated systems for small, medium and large production and assembly line systems. Richter works closely with its customers and offers a bespoke solutions facility along with its general product range.

Unigrav Universal High Performance Marking

Of special interest to integrators is the UniGrav universal high performance marking system. It’s designed for integration into automatic production lines or as a USB Stand Alone System. Its rugged construction allows it to operate in the toughest of industrial environments.

EasyMarmer - Dot peen markerHMG 60 Handheld Dot Peen Marker

At the other end of the scale is the HMG 60 handheld dot peen marker. This portable marking pistol has an integrated start button built-in to its handle. Control is via a standard EM100 or PC controller or an optional PCA controller. It’s ideal for marking heavy or bulky parts or those difficult to access.

EasyMarker Table-top Dot Marking System

Precise and affordable, the EasyMarker lives up to its name. This table-top dot marking system can be used for marking and scribing hard materials and compounds including steel and aluminium and plastics. The system has a marking speed of up to 4 characters a second with a repeatable accuracy of 0.0012”.  Richter’s EasyMarker is available in automation and integration permutations and is also offered with an electric marking head.

For further information about our new product partners Richter Marking and Automation and their range of dot marking systems and details of the TLM Laser Integrators’ Guide and ToolKit, please contact