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What Can Lasers Do?

Lasers can be used for more things than you think.  We all know from watching Bond films that they can cut; they can also engrave, mark, weld, harden and even 3D print metals.  They can also be used to weld and cut plastics and cut and engrave organic materials such as wood, leather, rubber and cardboard.

  • Laser medical and automotive marking

    Laser Marking

    Lasers can be used for marking anything from glass medical equipment to plastic auto parts....

    Laser Marking »

  • Laser Plastic welding

    Laser Welding

    lasers have been used extensively for welding plastics. They can also be used for welding many types of plastics. type...

    Laser Welding »

  • Laser cutting

    Laser Cutting

    Lasers supplied by TLM can be used to cut stainless steel up to 3mm, mild steel up to 6mm, textiles, wood, leather, cork, wax and many others....

    Laser Cutting »

  • Laser engraving

    Laser Engraving

    Different to laser marking in that it removes material rather than changing the colour by charring foaming or melting....

    Laser Engraving »

  • Laser Hardenings of moulds and metals.

    Laser Hardening

    Laser hardening and mobile laser hardening offers huge savings in re-hardening tooling and hardening of all types. It can save you weeks in production down time with no loss of accuracy or effectiveness....

    Laser Hardening »

  • Laser Cladding, adding materials to base parts using lasers

    Laser Cladding

    Using powders to deposit materials on a base part can be achieved quickly and efficiently using a laser....

    Laser Cladding »

  • 3d metal printer

    3D Printing Metals

    Powerful lasers in conjunction with metal powders can be used to print solid metal objects without the need for jigging or retooling....

    3D Printing Metals »

  • Laser cleaning

    Laser Cleaning

    Laser cleaning works according to the principle of pulsed laser ablation with almost no heating up of the substrate and no secondary waste...

    Laser Cleaning »

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